Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Smart Wearable for Kids - Omni-Link Omnitrix

The Omni-Link Omnitrix Interacts with all screens.

I love seeing the market for wearables ignite!

Lately watches like MetaWatch Strata / Frame, Pebble, Samsung Gear, and soon (maybe) Apple's iWatch have been grabbing headlines.  I am excited about all of them.

But....Have you seen the Omni-Link Omnitrix ?!?!

The Ben 10 Omni-link Omnitrix interacts with:
  • Televisions Shows
  • DVDs
  • Internet Web Games 
  • Console Games 
  • and games that you can download to your tablet or handheld

This is the first time a toy interacts with many different types of screens.

The NEW Ben 10 Omni-Link™ Omnitrix features revolutionary technology that enables it to interactively play with the latest media formats kids love including appsvideogamesinternet games, and the included bonus DVD that has 11 Omni-Link enabled Ben 10 alien action sequences.

Click on the picture for more information about the Omni-Link Omnitrix