Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First look at the Misfit Shine

I have purchased ALL kinds of wearables.

I bought the Fitbit and even the Jawbone Up when they first came out.

The one I really like the most...The Misfit Shine.

It's really easy to use, well designed, and comfy to wear.  That's they key in my opinion.

One interesting thing I noticed.  It uses a magnent inside the Shine to trigger the app sync and bluetooth to transfer data from the device to the IOS App. Just a guess...otherwise why not just sync with Bluetooth without touch??

Great engineering in such a small, slim, and comfortable wearable.

Well done!

Wait until to you see what I am working on....a new kind of wearable that no one has ever seen...

More later.

+john boucard

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