Saturday, October 13, 2012

John Boucard reinvents the Secret Decoder Ring

Here you can see the hero and villain secret decoder rings

Controlling armies with a wave of the hand used to be the exclusive domain of emperors and warlords. But thanks to the inventiveness of high tech whiz inventor John Boucard and the creative genius of Stan Lee, now anyone can use their meathooks to conduct a massive superhero battle on-line.

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John Boucard says this is just the tip of a whole world of marketing and promotional opportunities that can laser-target the kid demo.

Lee’s property incubation shop POW! Entertainment has teamed up with Boucard to introduce Power Patrol, a new game system that lets players store character information and stats on a special encrypted ring and then transfer that data onto the web. Kids can then either face off against other players’ characters in real-time, one-on-one battles or participate in a more immersive community quest to control cyberspace.

Here is a picture of Stan and I before we launched Power Patrol

Once they’ve decided whether they want to play as a superhero or supervillain, kids buy the corresponding ring and then log on to a restricted website by waving the bauble in front of any computer. Once there, they create an avatar, go on missions and solve puzzles to earn points and strengthen their character. The chips in the rings are designed to talk to each other, so kids will also be able to unlock new powers, games, points and missions simply by interacting with other Power Patrol members they know.

But the rings might eventually communicate with more than just computers. Boucard’s technology can be embedded into almost any physical object, so the potential’s there for controlling things like TV sets, DVD players and cell phones. “It’s an entirely new form of entertainment like nothing I’ve ever seen before,” says Lee. “It has no borders. People can play wherever they go.”

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