Saturday, October 13, 2012

John Boucard invented a gesture recognition system called ION Educational Gaming System


​Hasbro ION E.G.S. came complete with console, compact camera and an Active Learning Disc with five games. The camera with motion-sensitive technology lets kids appear live on the TV screen and become part of the game. Players move their bodies--not game controllers--to control the action and guide themselves through learning adventures.

Preliminary ION Contents

I invented and built Learntastic…which became Funtastic…which then became Hasbro ION in Early 2002. The product launched in 2006.

This project was interesting. It involved all kinds of development. It actually ran a Macromedia/Adobe Flash Player first….before switching to a different platform that was not Flash based. They should have stuck with Flash. 

An old sketch of ION before we actually embedded the camera inside the main unit.

The camera was added as a feature set later and became the corner stone of gesturing input. There were many patents around gesturing I/O. This one had to retail for $99.

Here is a video that showed how it worked.

I was so excited about this product. I had high hopes for it.

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