Saturday, October 13, 2012

John Boucard develops LIFESTREAM, a unique system that melds life events with physical objects.

John Boucard's new technology platform (code named Lifestream) has three core elements: a website, software supplements, and hardware extensions.  Each of these elements has extensive options and opportunities for growth.  Most importantly, all three elements work together to create a fully personalized Lifestream experience for each user.

Website:  The primary piece of Lifestream is a fully customizable website.  Users will be able to develop a personalized website where they can upload and share photographs, videos, and other intimate media.  Unlike other social media websites, however, Lifestream’s platform doesn’t simply store this media in typical “photo albums” or itemized collections.  The Lifestream web platform acts as a digital time capsule where users can create and organize these memories in unique and previously unavailable ways. 

Hardware Enhancements:  Perhaps one of most revolutionary pieces of the Lifestream product mix, hardware enhancements utilize technology developed by the Company to tie a real-world product to Lifestream media.  The “Quark Chip,” as it is called, is embedded in paper and manages mixed media in voice, light, sound effects, and the internet.  The technology can sense where a person touches the paper, lighting it up or playing back audio such as a recorded voice.  In addition, it connects to and communicates with Lifestream when plugged into a computer.  For just one example of this hardware in action, the company developed a wedding invitation with a Quark Chip installed.  Wedding invitees could plug the invitation to their computers, activating a LiveStream (an online album) that would take them through the story of the engaged couples’ relationship in pictures and videos.  This type of web integration will revolutionize social media and create new and exciting ways for people, businesses, and organizations to connect and interact with one another.

ipad Demo of Lifestream Software:  

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